There is often a wide gap between the truth and what you see on TV, hear on the radio, etc. Everyone claims to be an expert; claims their opinion to be fact. Frustrating as this is, the truth is still there to be found—if you are willing to take a closer look.

Eventually, this site will act as a platform for multiple contributors on various subjects. For now, it is a humble blog which mostly examines current events and politics through the lens of psychology. I hope to someday be considered an expert in any one of these fields. Until then, I hope that my work might act as a springboard, guiding you to those who truly are.

By doing so, I hope that I can make your pursuit of the truth just a little bit easier.


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Tyler Watkins received his BA in psychology from the University of Iowa and has since worked in the fields of medical and psychological research at Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of Iowa. He is currently pursuing a career as an independent writer and journalist and has appeared in Quillette and Areo Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @WatkinsDoOp, or on Facebook at Facebook.com/DoOpBlog.